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Every tear falls down for a reason

every piece will find its place

18 May 1987



My name is Sarah and I'm a college student (going into my third semester). I'm a criminal justice major but everything about me doesn't really point to that. I love listening to music, it's probably what I do most. Some favorite singers/bands are Imogen Heap, Darude, Panic! at the Disco, Rock Kills Kid, Peter Gabriel, KT Tunstall, Jeff Buckley, Cold Play, The Fray, and lots more. Let me know if you have any suggestions for music :o) I like to also write music, lyrics, poems, and stories, but those are usually kept to myself, I don't normally share with close friends either because it's usually all very personal. I like meeting new people and talking to people I actually have things in common with. I like hanging out with friends, dancing, and having a good time...I play volleyball and enjoy playing baseball and softball...I watch hockey on tv (My favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox and The Detroit Red Wings). My favorite shows are House, The OC, American Idol (sort of, when it's on)...I used to watch lots of shows but I stopped because I didn't have time after getting a job. I'm still interested in some of my old shows. Some of my favorite movies are Constantine, What Dreams May Come, Butterfly Effect, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Jarhead, etc...A couple of my favorite books are Speak and Ishmael.